Hypnotherapy is a combination of counselling and hypnosis. Of all the therapies, it produces the most immediate results.  It’s a natural state that we move in and out of many times a day, and it’s the state where your mind rests and refreshes itself, free from analytical thought.

Taking it even further, the process of Clinical Hypnotherapy allows you to rest your mind to the point where you become open to sustainable change, free from internal struggle.  It allows you to bypass unhelpful thoughts and impulses accumulated over the years and replace them with new and healthy patterns of behaviour.


Hypnosis is an effective yet gentle way of fixing reoccurring problems other “self-help” methods can’t deliver.  It’s one of the few ways to get your subconscious mind back on board with what you want to do. As you use it to reprogram your subconscious, it becomes a powerful tool to help you break free from the past.

A Proven Solution

Our clients speak glowingly of their hypnotherapy experience and results,  but there is also a growing body of international research that supports hypnosis as a legitimate and proven method for multiple conditions including stress reduction, weight loss, and stopping bad habits such as smoking.

A Fast Solution

Traditional medicine and therapy will tell you it takes a long time to recover or change.  This is simply not true.  At Mind over Matter Hypnotherapy, we can often help you achieve the change you’re looking for in just a few sessions.

The Right Solution

We are here to help you get your life back.  Whether it’s stress, excess weight, or bad habits, we help you build new subconscious habits to replace the old, leading you to a new life of health and happiness.


How does it work?

Hypnosis helps you experience a state of mind known as “Alpha.” When you’re in Alpha, you’re up to 200 times more open to suggestions.  You’re also more able to receive messages that influence positive change.  Your mind can focus on the things you wish to change and on the best ways to do so, free from critical or anxious thoughts.

In this state, your conscious mind is able rest from every day cares and it allows the unconscious part of your mind to take care of things for you.

Normal awakening consciousness is called Beta.  In Beta, you are paying attention to and processing a multitude of stimuli from the outside world. In Alpha, you allow yourself to slow down and really focus on the changes you wish to bring about into your life.

When you are in the state of Alpha we can help you “delete” unwanted habits from your subconscious.

Because hypnosis is a state of focused attention and heightened awareness, it allows you to bypass all the unhelpful memories, thoughts, and impulses stored in your unconscious, and then replace them with new and healthy patterns of behaviour.

You are not asleep, and you’re not unconscious.  You simply allow your unconscious mind to accept suggestions for positive change rather than ‘trying’ to make them happen with your conscious mind.

But, am I still in control?

A common misconception about Hypnotherapy is that clients under hypnosis cannot react, and therefore the Hypnotherapist has ultimate control over the client.  This is not true.  In Alpha, you’re always in control and is fully capable of reacting and making decisions.

Hypnosis resembles the state you are in as you enter sleep.  You are not fully asleep, but you are not fully awake either, just very deeply relaxed.  Your mind will only accept the suggestions from the Hypnotherapist you wish to accept. For example, if you wish to break free from the past and become stress free, your unconscious mind will happily accept any suggestions to do so.

The subconscious mind

The subconscious mind takes care of roughly 95% of your mind function. It’s the most powerful computer ever devised and is capable of running multiple tasks simultaneously. It does not judge, criticise, analyse or reject.  It acts quickly but in many cases, not appropriately.  It is emotional and unaware.  It does not understand nor have a sense of humour and takes everything literally.

Hypnosis and resolving issues

In Hypnosis, the subconscious mind is given detailed instructions on how to resolve whatever issues you’re facing.  Once the subconscious mind has these instructions and realises the error of its ways, it quickly changes course and uses the proper solutions.

The subconscious mind wants to protect you, help you solve your problems, and help you be a functional member of society.  Once the appropriate suggestions have been given and accepted by your subconscious mind, you have another 95% of your mind working for you in comparison to the mere 5% of the conscious mind you had on your side before.

Habits are regulated by the unconscious mind

The good news is if you learned to do something, you can unlearn it. When you have 100% of your mind working for you to change your habits you can begin to live your full potential without unnecessary resistance from your subconscious.

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