Relaxation Coaching delivers a profound break from the pressures of everyday living.  More of a mind massage, it’s all about taking or creating a holiday in your mind and letting it completely calm and relax your body. There is an untapped reservoir of resilience that lies within. We guide and teach you how to access it.

Inner Strength For Everyday

Daily life poses multiple problems that stress us out and affect our performance. That doesn’t make you a weak person. With relaxation techniques, you can be one step ahead of your stressors and uncover ways to stay focused and determined.

Mind Over Matter’s guided relaxation coaching is fine tuned to your lifestyle. Whether you’re battling anxieties at work, school, or at home, our goal is to unravel practical methods of relaxation.

Learn how to tune out the noise. Use your newfound relaxation techniques to filter out anxieties and fears. Drown them out and let a calmer you emerge.

The aim is to relax your body and mind to the point where you can go about your everyday life feeling calm, resilient and in control.   It is very much like having a spa for your mind. You will learn how to create a mind body connection to your benefit and call upon this ability at will.

Unlimited Willpower

Power through everyday with renewed strength.

Confidence and Composure

Carry out stressful tasks with stability and skill.

Peace of Mind

Live through your days unencumbered by anxiety.

Studying Your Stress

Relaxation Therapy consists of a preliminary Discovery session and 3 coaching sessions. Throughout Discovery, you will achieve a better understanding of what is really causing you stress: its deep rooted causes, how it manifests in your life, and how you can control it.

Establish A Relaxation Routine

After gaining a more objective relationship towards your stressors, we start creating techniques specifically for you. These techniques are designed to help you move through everyday life with ease. Each one is specifically made to match your schedule, lifestyle, personality, and goals.

Aftercare Support

Audio programs will be assigned to you after every session. You can use these to reinforce your relaxation ritual and bolster your everyday performance.

Become A Supercharged Version Of You

Book a complimentary 15 minute call to learn more about how Relaxation Coaching can help you and your goals. Relaxation Coaching is available for one-on-one, group, and online sessions. Inquire with us today.

Discover how Relaxation Coaching can work for you

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