Have you tried to quit smoking and failed in the past?
Are you worried you will gain weight if you quit smoking?
Are you worried about cravings once you quit smoking?
Are you concerned how you will deal with stress if you quit smoking?
Are you worried about how you will deal with social situations after you quit smoking?
Ready to quit smoking without stress or weight gain and stay in control?

It’s simpler and easier than you think. 

Welcome to the Quit Cigarettes for Life Program.

It doesn’t matter if you have smoked most of your life or tried to quit many times. The Mind over Matter ‘Quit cigarettes for life program’ is your final solution.
Our simple method makes it easy for you to quit smoking for good without stressful cravings or weight gain.  Our system is fast, effective and pain free. You can be calm, collected and back in control of your life. We offer pain free, drug free, solutions for life.

You were not born with a cigarette in your mouth.  With our system we can reconnect you with that time when cigarettes were not a part of your life.

All you need to bring is a serious desire to quit smoking for good.

How does it work?

We use Clinical Hypnosis to help you become the happy healthy person you desire.

Through hypnosis, you become someone who thrives on breathing fresh air without the want, need or desire of a cigarette.  We help you become a person who only breathes fresh air for the rest of your healthy life.  This is what being a non-smoker means.

We also give you take home resources to keep you calm after you quit.

You will be well and truly supported before, during and after your quit smoking process.

Mind Over Matter Hypnotherapy has help countless others quit smoking

Nathan thought he could never give up while Julie knew she had smoked for too long.  Adrian knew time was running out while Kathy was in fear of failing health.  We helped them beat the cigarette.  In fact, we’ve have helped countless individuals quit smoking without pain and without weight gain.  You can be one of them.

“Thank you so much Jeanette for helping me rid that ugly monster that was controlling my life.  I know I will be around for my kids and my grandkids now!”  Sandra M

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