Are ready to leave emotional eating behind?
Are you ready to leave fad diets behind and start eating healthy food?
Do you want to feel healthy and happy?
Are you ready to lose those kilos without dieting?
Are you ready to achieve your ideal weight?

It all begins in the mind and it’s easier than you think. 

Welcome to the Ideal Weight for Life program. Get ready to reach and maintain your ideal weight for life.

It doesn’t matter if you have never been your ideal weight or if you have been there and lost sight of it. You can absolutely be your ideal weight and maintain it for life.  Our system is nutritionally sound, educational, highly effective and will set you free.

You can be back in control of your body image today.  We offer pain free, drug free, solutions for life.

You were certainly not born overweight.  With our system we can reconnect you with your natural impulses to become and maintain your ideal weight.

How does it work?

Using Clinical Hypnosis, we help you loose weight from the inside out.  We teach your mind to accept positive and productive lifestyle changes.

Through hypnosis, you become someone who easily and naturally makes the right choices for your best health. You will no longer eat for the wrong reasons.  You become someone who thrives on reaching and maintaining your ideal weight for life. You become the happy healthy person you desire.

We also give you take home resources to keep you on track.

You will be well and truly supported before, during and after your journey to become the slender healthy you.

We’ve helped countless individuals

Christine had tried diets that failed her while Samantha was caught up in emotional eating. Keith had been trying to lose that belly while Myranda was trying to budge those kilos.  When they experienced hypnosis they all got the results they wanted.

“I can’t thank you enough Jeanette!  I’m going for the right choices without even thinking about it.  You would be proud of me, this is the best feeling! I’m soooooo in control.”  Jade M.

To find out just how quickly you can start losing inches, just call us on 0414 649 088 and we’ll be happy to chat. You can also fill out the contact form if you would like us to call you.

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We facilitate the power to change!  After you’ve tried everything else, you’ll find clinical hypnotherapy is finally the answer to a happy, healthy, and stress-free life!