Guided Hypnosis Downloads Guide

To obtain the best results from your recording, listen once a day for at least a week before turning your attention to the next title in your program. If this is the only title you are listening to, then continue once a day for the next 21 days and then 2 or 3 times a week thereafter.

You can also choose whichever recording you feel drawn to the most and listen at your own pace.

You can of course listen to your recording as often as you like, as it will always be of benefit to you.

The introduction runs for approximately 9 minutes and the Hypnosis Session around 50 minutes.  You only need to listen to the introduction track once.

We recommend you listen to your recording at night before you are about to go to go to sleep. These recordings have been engineering to entrain your brain for positive results while you sleep.

So don’t worry if you fall asleep because this is part of the process.  Your recording is speaking to your subconscious mind which is always awake.  Just let your conscious mind fall asleep and let your subconscious mind do the work for you.

You can also listen again if you awake in the middle of the night and need some help to get back to sleep.

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Welcome to the Mindset series of programs for life mastery.  If you are looking to bring about positive change into all aspects of your life, then you are on the right path.

The Mindset Series of recordings is designed to improve your life and bring comfort to the restless mind.

It’s all about helping you release old thoughts and habits that no longer serve you to embrace new and exciting possibilities in life. These possibilities can enable you improve your self image and self confidence and help you to attract the peace, health, abundance and success you desire.

Our breakthrough series was created to help you realise your highest potential in all aspects of your life.

All of the titles in the Mindset series if used as suggested, can help you make the changes you seek and ultimately create the lifestyle you want.

With each recording, you can relax and enjoy all the benefits of letting go, as you listen and entrain your mind to reach your goals and fulfil your hopes & dreams.

The best way to listen any Mindset recording is at night when you are about to go to sleep.  As you listen and drift into a peaceful sleep, your mind will quietly take on board suggestions for manifesting more positive outcomes in your life on an everyday basis.

Mindset programs work for you by influencing the subconscious mind to assist with positive habit change.  They incorporate hypnosis and other highly effective body and mind management techniques, such as mindful breathing, conscious relaxation, creative visualisation and positive affirmation.  These practices are natural and safe.  They work by tapping into the vast resources of your own mind.  You can also remain calm in the knowledge that your subconscious mind will not accept any suggestion on any recording that is contrary to your personal beliefs.

All recordings are designed to be played when you will not be disturbed and preferably at night when you are about to go to sleep.    All the information is absorbed into your subconscious mind while you are in this relaxed and receptive state. In fact, just by relaxing and listening to each recording, you are already bringing about the habit change you want and ultimately the lifestyle you seek.

Your subconscious mind is more powerful than you can imagine and will hear every positive suggestion whether you are deeply relaxed or deeply asleep.  Your mind will quietly take on board all suggestions for positive change, reinforcing and leading the way for you to attract what you desire.

Each Mindset recording will help both at the conscious and subconscious level as you begin to release old thoughts and feelings around your self image and embrace new and positive possibilities for what you really wish to attract into your life.

When you allow yourself to think in this way, you create different thought patterns and ultimately, the profound changes necessary to obtain your desires.

I’m Jeanette Buzolic and I created the Mindset series. As a Psychotherapist I’ve helped countless people over the past 30 years make positive changes to achieve the life they have longed for.

I’ve found that many people struggle to make lasting changes in their lives despite many attempts. That’s why Mindset was created.  These programs are designed to help you make the changes you desire in your life.

Everyday I work with clients to enable positive behavioural change at the subconscious level. The reason we work with your subconscious mind is because your subconscious mind is far more powerful than you can imagine.  It is a fabulous servant but can be a terrible master.

If you are not actively influencing your subconscious with new thoughts to generate new behaviours, and therefore new results, it will simply run on the old ‘software’ and bring you the same old results.  If you want to create positive sustainable change, then you will need to influence the subconscious mind.

The programs will support you to access your own inner resources to attract whatever it is you seek. They are designed to directly influence the subconscious mind and assist with habit change.

These programs incorporate Hypnosis and other highly effective body & mind management techniques including mindful breathing, conscious relaxation, creative visualisation and positive affirmation.

The Mindset Series for Life Mastery is one of a number of programs which has naturally evolved out of my education in Psychology and Psychotherapy and from my experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I have personally developed each of the titles in this program to provide you with a range of life changing programs you can use in your own time and at your own pace.

All of the titles in this series, if used as suggested, can help you make the changes you seek and attract the future you truly want. These changes can enable you to improve your self- image and self-confidence and teach you how to attract the happiness, peace, health, abundance and success you desire.

As you begin to adopt these new ways of thinking, your mind is far more productive, allowing you to function more efficiently and more intelligently. Your creativity and energy levels increase. In effect, what you are doing is retraining your brain to fulfill your hopes and dreams.

Wherever you are in the world, I want you to know.  You truly can create the life of your desires.

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