Is stress or anxiety dominating your life?
Are you ready to live your best life?
Would you like to release your worries and live a positive life?
Would you like to react to stressful situations calmly?
Would you like to be someone who thrives on enjoying life?
Calming the anxious mind is easier than you can imagine. 

In just one Calming the anxious mind session, we can help you let go of stress to create inner calm.   It all begins in the mind.  We’ve helped countless individuals release their worries and concerns to live their best positive life. You can too.

The impact of anxiety and stress upon your general health should never be underestimated. An astonishing 50 percent of the reasons why people go to the doctor are stress related and one recent scientific study showed that in the current economic climate, more people are missing from work due to stress related problems than ever before. Reports also show that ‘Anxiety’ or ‘Panic’ attacks are on the increase.

It is even possible to detect elevated levels of stress hormones in the blood up to forty years after a traumatic event. Too much stress can also lead to increased abdominal fat.

Grief, anxiety, and insomnia are common outcomes of stress as are phobias, depression and eating to feel better. Unresolved issues can lead to substance abuse and other addictive behaviours.  Loved ones can be at a loss as to how they can help.

This is certainly not the kind of life we were meant to lead.

With our system we can reconnect you with your natural ability to handle stress and create inner calm regardless of the circumstances you are facing.


We use Clinical Hypnosis to help you become the happy relaxed person you desire.

Through hypnosis, you become someone who easily and naturally relaxes – especially as you go about your everyday life. You will no longer react to stressful situations with anxiety.  Instead you become someone who thrives on enjoying life.

We also give you take home resources to keep you on track.

You will be well and truly supported before, during and after your journey to create inner calm and balance.

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